About Us

Providing the best care possible.

More than our philosophy. It’s our promise.

At Spring Central Hospital, the central tenet of our philosophy is to provide an excellent patient experience before during, and post-surgery. We believe that the patient should be the center of all the care received.

Our service-centered philosophy reflects our belief that each surgical experience should not only be pleasant and comfortable, but should also have better than expected outcomes. Spring Center Hospital’s core values are aimed at achieving these goals:


It is our mission to provide excellent care from the patient’s first interaction with the hospital to the moment of discharge. This is achieved by working with only the highest caliber surgeons, identifying and hiring the highest quality staff, sourcing the latest and most advanced technology, and adhering to processes and procedures that will ensure the best possible surgical outcomes.


Our goal is to ensure that each surgical procedure takes place in the most efficient manner, minimizing each patient’s total length of stay while maximizing surgical result. From the streamlined layout of our facility, to the interdepartmental handling of patients, to physician-to-patient and staff-to-patient ratio, Spring Central Hospital is systematically organized to provide a smooth, hassle-free patient experience.


We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality service and experience. Quality begins with a commitment to invest in the best. Our modern, state-of-the-art facility provides the ultimate in amenities and comfort for our patients. Operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced surgical equipment, allowing surgeons, where possible, to conduct minimally invasive procedures that lead to quicker recovery times and better outcomes overall.


We are committed to creating a welcoming environment with the patient in mind. Our friendly, professional staff know how to anticipate patient needs to ensure that his or her stay is positive from beginning to end. Patients’ loved ones will also find comfort in our guest lounges and on-site cafe. Patients can trust Spring Central Hospital to provide a comfortable and relaxing surgical experience.

"We are proud of the outstanding team at Spring Central Hospital."

from Chief Nursing OfficerRobert Middleton, MSN, MBA, RN, NE-BC

“The staff is the best that I have worked with during my 30-year career.”

from Chief Administrative OfficerHarold F. Taylor, CLSSMBB

Dear Friends,

When it is time for a surgical procedure, patients are often overwhelmed with many concerns and emotions. As a nurse, I believe it is the responsibility of clinical staff to provide comfort and compassion while offering high quality care. The team at Spring Central Hospital takes our role as caregivers very seriously and thanks to our outstanding communication with the medical staff; we are able to deliver service and treatment of unparalleled caliber.

Whether you or a loved one is coming to us for a simple outpatient procedure, or will be undergoing a more complex operation – rest assured that the nursing staff at Spring Central Hospital is comprised of the best talent in the region. In addition, we select our employees based on something even more significant – their hearts.

We are proud of the outstanding team at Spring Central Hospital and we look forward to caring for our patients during their time of need.


Robert Middleton, MSN, MBA, RN, NE-BC

Hello and welcome,

I would like to introduce you to the newest member to the medical communities of Harris and Montgomery counties. Spring Central Hospital was developed by a group of physicians who are recognized leading surgical specialists not only in North Harris and Montgomery counties but also in the Greater Houston area. Spring Central Hospital further expands on the superior medical services that are now available in our communities that were once only available in the Texas Medical Center.

Spring Central Hospital is a 12-bed surgical hospital whose focus is on orthopedics, sports medicine, spinal and general surgery, pain management and total joint replacement. The technology is the latest and greatest and the staff is the best that I have worked with during my 30-year career in healthcare. Our services will be focused on the patient, and the family will be encouraged to be included in the recovery process.

In the event you ever require surgery, we would like to be your hospital of choice.

Thank you,

Harold F. Taylor, CLSSMBB